New Position Opening at EDC Team Jefferson: Deputy Director

Our mission: 

Build Business Owners.
Our long term strategic goal:
To create 1,000 net new jobs in ten years, focusing upon non-retail business and assisting businesses to grow through sales outside of Jefferson County.
Deputy Director Job Description:
The Deputy Director will provide consulting services to existing business. They will independently lead initiatives designed to build business owners and create sustainable job growth in Jefferson County.
The Deputy Director will possess exceptional business skills and the ability to work with business owners of all sizes and types, helping them to start, grow or sustain their business with effective, pragmatic, tools.
Working with the Executive Director, the board, other staff and partners, the Deputy Director will play a key role in developing and implementing successful economic development strategies that help Jefferson County thrive.
  • College level skills in communications, finance, marketing and management of the total enterprise.
  • Creative and strategic thinking is critical to success in this position.
  • Ability to listen, advise and consult with business owners in a confidential, collaborative manner.
  • Able to work with government organizations, city, county and port in particular.
  • Able to articulate your philosophy to various stakeholders and to clients and be additive to those conversation.
  • Integrity and commitment to managing affairs in an ethical manner.
  • Significant demonstrated experience in business, preferably with organizations of different sizes.
  • Demonstrated experience working with partners in achieving results.
  • Specific hands on experience leading projects in a business or governmental environment.
  • Familiar with economic development efforts that involved collaborative efforts with governmental and non-governmental partners.
  • Must have started or owned your own private enterprise or had profit and loss responsibilities in a large business environment.
  • Collaborate with the Executive Director in moving specific initiatives, designed to add 1,000 net new jobs in Jefferson County within 10 years.
  • Meet one on one with business owners or potential business owners, providing confidential assistance in starting, growing or sustaining their business.
  • Assist the Executive Director in representing EDC Team Jefferson in the community through participation on boards, working groups and as a member of the community.
  • Champion individual initiatives as assigned by the board or Executive Director, intended to improve the business climate for business owners in Jefferson County.
  • Design, propose and champion initiatives you believe will help us to achieve the goal of 1,000 net new job growth in 10 years.
  • Through personal integrity, initiative and strategic effort, positively impact the economic vitality of the community.


To Apply:
Submit your resume and cover letter to:



EDC Team Jefferson is now located at 2409 Jefferson Street, Port Townsend and co-located with the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce and the Visitors Information Center. Come see us and let us help you and your business thrive!

Let us assist you in growing, establishing, or relocating your business here.

Jefferson County business people are a diverse group of cultural creatives and entrepreneurs.


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Since its founding in 2007, Team Jefferson has brought over $6.5 million in new funds to Jefferson County, provided assistance and funding to over 45 new businesses and successfully set a positive tone of collaborative leadership for business in the new economy.

Photos by Sally Chapin, Pamela Roberts, D.C. Atty & David Conklin





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